FAFSA Application

  •  Deadline:  February or March (see school)

       Note:  First day to apply is 10/1/2020  


  • Find scholarships here

College Entrance Exams


  • Find Universities here

Note: check with your school counselor or college representative for any questions

College Resource List

To be successful in college you have to have a plan.  Below find a check-off list link to help you organize and plan out your future.  Also, consider meeting with your college counselor to discuss your academic and personal goals and help you with course selection & registration.

Financial Aid (FAFSA) Orientations

  • Check with your local college or school counselor for FAFSA orientations

Handouts & Information 

College Resources, p2

Admissions Application Filing Dates

  • Fall 2020:  Apply  August to November

Note:  Deadlines vary with universities.  Check with university or counselor for deadlines.

Once you are on the campus make sure you get the proper handouts and resources.  If you plan to go to a university, plan on getting a campus map and a college catalog.  Note: These latter two items will be very useful when you start attending college.  Also, during this tour or orientation make sure you ask alot of questions about the campus.  

In addition, you should learn where the following buildings & phone numbers are located:  Admissions & Records Office, Financial Aid Office, Counseling Offices, dorms/housing, library, tutoring center, and career center.  These will be important buildings throuhout your time in college.  In addition, other useful resources are located on the right side column with links to each item.