Study Time & Test Tips, p2 

Sometimes students don’t realize that procrastinating in not a good idea.  Cramming everything you learned in the last two or three weeks into one day is not an effective approach to studying and passing a test.  Below find some suggestions that will get you on the right track.


Consider the following suggestions:

  • Take proper notes and review your notes.
  • Summarize your notes for that day as well as do your homework.
  • Use flash cards to memorize important events.  They are a great tool! 
  • If you are confused about something, ask your teacher for help. 
  • If you still need help, consider meeting with a tutor or classmate after school to help you with your assignments.

During Testing

  • Make sure you read and follow test instructions
  • Go through the test materials and determine which questions you’ll answer first
  • Answer all easy questions first and hard ones last
  • Don’t spend too much time on one question
    If theres any time left, review your test and make sure you answer all questions.

Overall, by applying these simple strategies you will be able to achieve success in school and reduce your test anxiety.

Before starting a test you should consider the following: