FAFSA Application

  • Deadline:  February or March (see school) 

      Note:  First day to apply is 10/1/2019  

Financial Aid (FAFSA) Orientations

  • Check with your local college & school counselor for orientations & dates


College Entrance Exams


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Financial Resources

for College, page 2

  • Three letters of recommendation from teachers or somebody that knows you well in the community (excludes relatives)
  • A good cover letter
  • resume of extra-curricular activities you were involved in (volunteer work, sports, clubs, etc).  
  • Transcript copies


  • Find Scholarship List here

Pell Grants and Cal Grants A and B are grants awarded to students based on need.  These grants are part of the Financial Aid package.  Cal grants are limited, so the sooner you apply to financial aid the better the chances you would get more financial support.  These grants will help pay for tuition costs, housing, meals, and books.

Pell Grants & Cal Grants

These items will be requested many times by scholarships so have good copies available or multiple copies of letters of recommendation signed by the person that wrote the letter.  For a list of scholarships click here.    For more scholarships you can always consult your school counselor for advice on scholarships.  Samples of resumes & cover letters are also included in the our website or check your school's career center for samples or assistance with your resume.

There are many types of scholarships available for students.  Some are for academics, others for community service,  others for being involved in sports, others for ethnic backgrounds and so on.  So, if you feel you meet all the requirements to a scholarship, go ahead and apply.  Things you should have in a folder normally include:

Admissions Application Filing Dates

  • Fall 2019:  Apply  August to November

Note:  Deadlines vary with universities.  Check with university or counselor for deadlines.