Job Seeking

When a student is seeking a job, there are places where a student can seek for a job.  One of these places is their school campus.  Students can usally apply for a job at:  the career center, human resources office, or financial aid office. 

The types of jobs available for students depend on what kind of experience(s) he/she may have.  These jobs may include a job as a student assistant for campus programs/services where minimal experience is required or they can include jobs such as a tutor or library assistant.  Some of the jobs on-campus don't require alot of experience and students can readily get a job if they apply before the deadline and do an interview.  Also, if a student is receiving work-study, there are many job opportunities available for students and students can seek help through the financial aid office and speak with a counselor. 

Campus Jobs

Off-Campus Jobs

Off-campus jobs can be a little more challenging to locate since research is required to find a job that fits a student's schedule, and the job may be quite a distance from the school they attend.   If the student is seeking for an off-campus job, he/she is required to submit an application, a resume, and a cover letter to apply for the job.  These are the standard requirements for many off-campus jobs and some on-campus student jobs.  If a student needs help with resume writing or cover letter writing, he/she can always get help from their schools career center or visit our website for resumes and cover letter tips

Job Websites

In today's world, there are many popular sites that offer jobs through the internet.  Below find a few popular sites and links to help you get connected to jobs.

For college and university graduates go to:, or  above sites.