Tips & Ideas

Organizing & Managing Your Time

Organizing and managing your time can be a challenging task when in college or high school, but with the proper resources this burden can be lifted off your shoulders.   Ideas you may want to consider when organizing yourself include:

  • keeping a calendar handy and a binder(s) for each course.  A calendar can help you keep track of deadlines to projects, test dates, quizzes, and other important activities in your life. 
  • In the binder, you can use dividers to section off the courses and put your notes or projects. 
  • Also, keeping individual notebooks for each class and properly dating notes for each class can help you stay more organized for future tests or quizzes. 

Quick Study Tips- Sleep & Focus

Can't study?  well there are many reasons students may not be able to study.  One may be that they are not getting enough sleep.  The lack of sleep sometimes slows down the brain down and makes it difficult to focus.  So, if you are lacking sleeping make sure you sleep your 8 to 9 hours daily.  This is the recommended time for students.  Also, find a place like the library (where there is no distractions) to study.  Finally, make sure you feed your brain with healthy foods.  Good luck and take care!

There are simple things you can do to help you stay academically focused.

  • Stay healthy. Consider taking a walk or run.  Taking walks or doing exercises helps you stay healthy and focused.   Go to your school gym or YMCA or a gym and start exercising!
  • Sleep well.  Sleeping 8 to 9 hours a day will help your brain stay focused and alert while in class.
  • Eat healthy.  If you don't eat healthy, your brain won't be as healthy as it should be, so consider eating alot of fruits and vegetables.
  • Take breaks. Consider taking a break.  Sometimes a 10 to 15 minute break helps you clear your mind and refresh your mind during study time.

Staying Focused & Healthy